Who is Dionne Joi?

dionne joi

Dionne Joi is a woman who knows a thing or two about overcoming adversity.

She's faced trauma, sexual abuse, domestic violence, grief, depression, anxiety, and more. But she didn't let any of it stop her.

Dionne ventured on a new path and started learning about holistic wellness. Her discovery led to a journey of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Now, she's an invincible and empowered woman. And her brand, Dionne Joi, embodies the art of being joyous, limitless and fearless in the face of adversity.

Dionne Joi is a modern-day warrior who conquered her trials and now imparts her wisdom on changing your mindset. As Founder of the Joi Luck Club, a social club dedicated to holistic wellness, she provides members with a support system and resources to help them unlock their potential. Dionne Joi is passionate about spreading the message of hope to those in need of guidance, and she works closely with other professionals who share her mission. If you're looking for inspiration on how to overcome your own limiting beliefs, look no further than Dionne Joi.

Dionne's journey to becoming a recognized leader in her industry started with the launch of Joi Luck Club in January 2022. Since then, she's won two awards, hosted her first online summit, become an author, and helped her clients achieve life-changing results. These accomplishments have led to her being featured in notable publications, including Forbes.

Dionne launched the first season of her podcast, "Get Plugged In" on Spotify and Anchor in December 2021. Episodes feature Rodney “Red” Grant, Ex-Wife of the DC Sniper Mildred Muhammad, and Legendary DJ Kool. This next season will feature Tommy Chong, Comedian and Actor, best known for his role in Cheech and Chong.

After Dionne started her holistic journey, she found an inner strength and peace that made her unstoppable. She finally discovered her true calling: to help others become better than they were yesterday. Today, she shares her knowledge and resources with her Eight-step FEARLESS Mindset System, inspiring others to take action toward their own healing and transformation. Aside from running her club, Dionne wears multiple hats and takes on new challenges - from creating an app, to building her community of like-minded people to make a global social impact.

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